This is a pre-Hurricane Sandy view of the seaside town of Asbury Park, New Jersey. I used this dark and cavernous arcade to express an ominous view of a bygone era. The boardwalk and the people outside are of a different world from the crumbling, dank and foreboding interior.
There are interesting patterns that repeat themselves here, both in the structural elements and their reflection.

Canon 5D Mark II, 24-105mm lens, f/14, 1/160 sec, ISO 400, processed in Lightroom

The pattern of shadows created by the wine legs looks deliberate, as if they were intentionally etched into a crystal wine glass. A simple overhead lamp illuminated this after-dinner scene.

iPhone 5, processed in Lightroom

This is from a story I shot for Allure Magazine (March 2013).

Mamiya 645 AFII, Leaf Aptus 75 digital, 120mm lens, f/16 @ 1/100 sec, ISO 50

Continuing with my series of seashell photographs, this striped Nautilus shell mimics the lines on the pedestal upon which it is precariously perched.

Canon 5D Mark II, 50mm lens, f/22 @ 1/50 sec, ISO 100, processed in Lightroom

Edge lighting brought out the great texture in this beautiful sea urchin. The ledge it’s perched upon reveals the tiniest amount of detail as it recedes into the black background which imparts an overall starkness to the photograph.

Canon 5D Mark II, 50mm lens, f/32 @ 1.6 sec, ISO 200, tungsten lighting, processed in Lightroom

My assignment was to create an image with these flowers and this vase that fits neatly into a horizontal format. After coming up with all sorts of unworkable compositions with the vase upright, I decided to shake things up a bit and spill the flowers onto the surface. My client loved it and this photo was subsequently used as the image on a television screen.

8×10 Ektachrome, 300mm Fujinon lens, f22 @ 1/125 sec.

I chose to render this image in a monochromatic palette with soft contrast. The result is similar to a drawing on paper, and is a very pleasing way to represent such a grand and glorious seashell.

Mamiya 645 AFII, Leaf Aptus 75 digital, 120mm lens, f/16 @ 1/100 sec, ISO 50, processed in Lightroom and Photoshop

A local antique store presents a window display with varied and unrelated objects. This old king pin stands incongruously before a map of the west complete with cowboys and longhorns, combining textures and colors in an otherwise harmonious manner.

Sony RX100, f/5.6, 1/500 sec, ISO 125, processed in Lightroom

At a little café in Cape Cod displays the owner’s patriotism in a unique way. The mixture of light sources – daylight, tungsten and fluorescent – gives the jugs an interesting variation of colors.

Sony RX100, f/4.9, 1/100 sec, ISO 800, processed in Lightroom

I take pleasure in the composition of curved and straight lines.

Sony RX100, f/1.8, 1/50 sec, ISO 125

I wonder why this ball has been left in this empty playground, and I imagine that some child has either forgotten or lost it. Either way, it conveys the feeling of solitude and abandonment.

Sony RX100, f/4, 1/1250 sec, ISO 200, processed in Lightroom

I like the white-on-white look of this composition of lines.

Sony RX100, f/1.8, 1/2000 sec, ISO 125, processed in Lightroom

Circle and lines.

Sony RX100, f/5.6, 1/250 sec, ISO 125

I shot this Chanel necklace for Allure Magazine.

Leaf Aptus 75 digital back on Mamiya 645, 90mm lens, f/11, 1/125 sec, ISO 50

Repetition of patterns, detailed texture, burst of color…

Sony RX100, f/4.9, 1/100 sec, ISO 160, processed in Lightroom

Sony RX100, f/5.6, 1/800 sec, ISO 125, processed in Lightroom

During a late summer rainstorm in the heart of Times Square, a rain soaked table reflects the neon American flag as it towers over the crowds.

Sony RX100, f/5.6, 1/30 sec, ISO 80, processed in Lightroom

I’ve seen a thousand pictures like this one, but I was nonetheless excited to capture my own image of a desolate road leading off into the horizon. Giving it a sepia tone added to the solitary feeling of the scene, in which nothing exists but the dusty byway.

Sony RX100, f/8, 1/1000 sec, ISO 125, processed in Lightroom

I was drawn to the play of colors in this image. It’s such a beautiful palette.

Sony RX100, f/5.6, 1/125 sec, ISO 125, processed in Lightroom

In the San Joaquin Valley near Fresno California, a barn stands as a testament to its owner’s patriotism. I liked the graphic relationship to its environment – bold colorful patterns against the backgrop of a sweltering hot landscape.

Sony RX100, f/5.6, 1/800 sec, ISO 125, processed in Lightroom