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Join me at THE OTHER ART FAIR - BROOKLYN this weekend, where I’ll be showing all the Misbegotten Places and more. Around 100 artists will show and sell their works. For free tickets, go to and use promo code JMANNO.
Fluidity of Time, 2016
The Baths, 2019
The Counting Room, 2017
Door Number 3, 2017
Skyview Apartments, 2019
Higher Math, 2018
Retrospective, 2018
Moscow Metro, 2018
Alchemy, 2019
Pile of Dirt, 2017
The Bell House at Midnight, 2019
Aphrodite in Situ, 2017
The Gallery Opening, 2016
The Map Room, 2017
The Gaming Palace, 2017
The Mollusk Warehouse, 2016
The Subway Encounter, 2017
The Chess Room, 2016
The Statuary, 2005
The Library, 2016
The Hatchery, 2017
The Wine Cellar, 2018
The City Gate, 2018
The Letter, 2019
The Side Entrance, 2018
Recital Hall, 2018
Colonial Palace, 2018
Steampunk City, 2017
Urban Archway, 2018
Chamber of Syzygy, 2019
A Royal Courtyard, 2018
Worship the Machine, 2019
Behind Closed Doors, 2018
*** All photos copyright © John Manno. All rights reserved. ***

My art takes me into a world that at first sight appears to exist, but then reveals itself to deviate from reality and enter a world of fantasies. Façades, windows, doors and columns all appear as they might in a real world, but their ultimate construct is false. The architectural elements have been assembled and paired with objects in order to alter reality.
List of art shows and exhibits:
     Las Lagunas Gallery, Lagunas CA, juried group show "Captured"
     PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury VT, juried group show “Contemporary Landscape”
     Viridian Artists, NYC, juried group show "Thirtieth International Juried Exhibition"
     Verum Ultimum Art Gallery, Portland OR,  juried group show “Abstract Catalyst”
     Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts, Providence RI, juried group show “Open Call”
     Vancouver Art Space, Vancouver WA, juried group show “Once Upon A Time (the art of fantasy)"
     See.Me / ChaShaMa Gallery, NYC, juried group show "One Self"
     Art League Rhode Island, Providence RI, juried group show "Narrative and Illusion"
     PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury VT, juried group show "Water"
     Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles CA, juried group show "Top 40 Juried International Competition"  
     PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury VT. juried group show "Intentional Spaces"
     The Other Art Fair / Brooklyn
     LiC-A / Plaxall Gallery juried group show: "Drink Me, Taste Me"
     Mills Pond House Gallery,juried group show: "Time"
     Naples Art Association,juried group show: "Camera USA 2019: National Photography Exhibition and Award"
     Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie NY, juried group show “Photowork 2019”
     PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury VT, juried group show “Self Portrait”
     Agora Gallery, NYC, juried group show "The Chelsea International Photography Competition"
     Core Contemporary, Las Vegas NV, juried group show “Use Other Door”
     LA Artcore, Los Angeles CA, juried "3rd Annual Photographic Competition and Exhibition"
     Upstream Gallery, Hastings-on-Hudson NY, juried group show “Reality and Perception”
     Atlantic Gallery, NYC, juried group show “ESCAPE/ISM?”
     Webster Arts Center, St Louis MO, juried group show - Open Theme
     The Clara M. Eagle Gallery, Murray KY, juried group show "2019 The Magic Silver Show"
     PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury VT, juried group show “A Color Moment”
     Robert Anderson Gallery, Denver CO, juried group show "Small Works"
     R.G. Endres Gallery, Prairie Village KS, juried photo competition
     Webster Arts Center, St Louis MO, juried group show “Inspiration”
     fotofoto gallery, Huntington NY, juried group show “14th National Competition”
     PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury VT, juried group show “Fictional Narrative”
     Uma Gallery, NYC, group show “Origins”
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All images Copyright © John Manno. All rights reserved.
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